Savor Snoqualmie Valley


One of my favorite projects to date: branding & design for Savor Snoqualmie Valley, including a hand-crafted logotype and series of map brochures including a Trail Map, and Guides to Arts & Culture and Eat, Drink, Explore. My love of the outdoors, exploring and map design made this especially fun to work on.

Savor Snoqualmie Valley is a collaborative effort to celebrate & promote local food, farms, arts & culture, heritage, outdoor activities, and independent businesses of the Snoqualmie Valley. 

Art direction by Jenn McKeown, Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust.



Brand Inspiration

Designs take inspiration from wood type, hand-crafted lettering, retro National Park signage, and local places like Twin Peak's iconic Double R diner (aka real life Twede's Cafe).

The Savor Snoqualmie Valley logotype creates unity between the natural areas & local communities, depicting Mt. Si and the Snoqualmie River that connects it all. 

We infused the palette with natural colors to create a brand that's adventurous, authentic, nostalgic, friendly and sustainable.



Map series

Each guide folds out to a double-sided information booklet and detailed map, full of places to explore! 

We created three map brochures: the Snoqualmie Valley Trail Map, as well as Eat, Drink, Explore and Arts & Culture guides that expand on local offerings.

I love maps and enjoyed the creative process and challenge of designing this series. 

Order a print copy or view PDFs on the official Savor Snoqualmie site. 


Applied Branding

Other applied branding includes the annual Local's Guide (snippet below), which features a "best of" list of local businesses and a small map, including some fun handmade icons to compliment the logotype.